Unique works of art from Milanese artist Fornasetti

Gabriela Pecic is the owner of the art-gallery Praguekabinet recently opened in the very heart of the Prague City Center and offering an exclusive opportunity of purchasing the artworks of exceptional value from Milanese artist Fornasetti. Gabriela admits that she learned about an Italian brand Fornasetti few years ago, during her visit to the Milan week of design. At that time, she was invited along with her friends to the dinner held in the Fornasetti's Milan house. Gabriela states that she could not spare herself from feeling fully captivated by his beautiful works of art, which were surrounding her all over. Charming combinations and an extreme diversity of motives were creating magic effect despite of its seeming harmonic coexistence. Therefore, Gabriela instantly realized that she just wouldn't be able to let the Prague be in an absolute state of unawareness regarding this magic beauty. That is how Gabriela explained what had prompted her to starting her own business in related area.

What about this mysterious Fornasetti?

What kind of person he really was? Real world did not seem to induce his interest. He was rather giving a preference to the world of photography. That is where his inspiration always took a start. Finding one suitable world, which could properly reflect his ingenious nature, is a very difficult thing to do. He was undoubtedly a sculptor, illustrator, painter, interior decorator and engraver. However, most of all, art has been always a subject of strong attraction to him. He always stated that he was born to be a painter. That is why he started to paint at age of ten. In his paintings, Fornasetti was referring to the world of dreams whilst playing and fully giving himself up to his imagination. That is probably why he was expelled from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, located in Milan. The latter has simultaneously made him one of the most important and representative artists of the 20th century.


One of the key motives, which can be traceable through his works of art, is often seen on the plates, bureau and wallpapers. It is a face or partial facial fragments of an Italian opera soprano singer, Lina Cavalieri. Facial features of the young singer have conquered a mind of Milanese artist, who was junior to her by thirty eight years. This singer's face has left so deep trace in an artist's mind that he kept constantly drawing her looks. It is quite hard to say what exactly had Fornasetti seen in Lina, who was performing in Puccini's Manon Lescaut and in Carmen. Was it her exceptional beauty or was it all about the hard youth spent in the orphanage where from young rioting woman ran away to the strolling theater – we will never know.

Being very famous painter, Fornasetti was wondering once, what exactly had induced him to creation of more than 500 artworks portraying the same face over and over again. And to that question his answer was simple. He just did not know. Once he just began painting and he was never able to stop doing this. Fornasetti died in 1988. However, he has managed to create approximately 11 thousand of different art pieces. Many consider him one of the most productive as well as the most inspiring painters of the 20th century.

Over almost a 40-year period he was collaborating with another art „giant“ of its time, architect Gio Ponti. Casa Lucano has become that long-awaited „child“, a cherished product, which commemorated their mutual collaboration during the process of its creation. Together, the artists were calling this building the House of Fantasy. This house was full of surrealistic objects as well as Fornasetti's pa­intings and childish playfulness of Ponti. This place was also serving as a starting point for the Gallery dei Bibliophily – place, where people could enjoy the works of art created by other young painters of that time.

His unique as well as easily recognizable style has become a synonym of a magic light for many people, in which even the most ordinary objects can become captivating objects of art. Nowadays, this charming art style can be contemplated in the Triennale Design museum located in Milan (www.triennale.org), at the exhibition, devoted to this year 2013 marking the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Fornasetti. Honoring this event, the son of Fornasetti, Barnaba, who is the keeper of tremendous collection of his father's paintings, continues to produce, and revive Fornasetti designs. He composed the first closeout retrospective called as „100 years of real craziness“. The event will take a place on 13th of November – 9th of February. The visitors will be able to enjoy and admire approximately 700 objects of collection which includes pieces of ceramics, furniture, books and wallpapers. So, why not to make a step forward, to the fantasy world.

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