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Presentation of a new book by Fornasetti

Since 1952, Piero Fornasetti has created endless variations on the face of Lina Cavalieri, a bewitching muse, transforming her into a ubiquitous cult of the goddess and making her one of the most numerous portrait variations in history.

Barnaba Fornasetti now pays tribute to his father in a newly released book, Theme and Variations, which was published in a limited edition of one hundred numbered copies. The book comes from a workshop in Milan, where traditional graphic design and new digital technologies go hand in hand.

This unique volume is not just a comprehensive catalogue; it is above all a work of art and a valuable object that guides the reader through the history of the Fornasetti workshop. As Barnaba himself mentions, this is no longer applied art, but rather pure art created directly by artists who imprint their personal expression on their handiwork.

Each copy has a different appearance, is printed on cotton paper and hand-bound with a red and white linen thread, which has been used to bind documents and archive volumes on paper or parchment since the 5th century AD.

This inimitable book will be on display together with other works by Fornasetti at praguekabinet from 18 May to 17 June 2017, and you certainly should not miss it.

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