Arik Levy’s world sculpture expansion

Going on a pilgrimage to see the art of Arik Levy: Brussels-Basle-Praha. Fancy a monumental sculpture, a small object, or a candleholder which is at the same time a vase? Paris-based artist Arik Levy lets the world hear about his work every day, and moreover, just about every time from another corner of our planet. His famous sculptures Rocks, RockGrowths and Craters find homes in most remarkable places, from public spaces to private gardens and terraces, not to mention collections of prestigious galleries and interiors of avid collectors. By dint of their burnished surfaces, these predominantly stainless-steel objects set in motion an impressive kaleidoscope of glints and reflections of their surroundings.

Levy’s artistic dialogue with the iconic Atomium

One of Levy’s greatest enterprises of late is a resplendent exhibition inside the well-known Atomium in Brussels, whose management had asked him to create several statues as part of its new project called Artview. The private view took place during the trade fair Art Brussels and the exhibition will close during another major cultural event in Belgium, Design September (like this event, Levy’s exhibition will go on until 30 September). This impeccable timing is naturally intentional because Artview does not want to be just another exhibition; it wants to create in a new way a dialogue between contemporary art and its collectors, as well as the general public. It is clearly succeeding in this in association with Arik Levy.

In addition to the display of his art inside the Atomium, he placed three of his statues outside, representing his essential sculptural forms. Next to RockStone and Crater the monumental RockGrowth gleams and commands much attention as it appears for the first time in bright red. Its ends, which the artist conceived in polished stainless steel, offer the favourite game, reflection. They reflect the visitors and passers-by and obviously, the Atomium. In exchange, in the still unique structure of the Atomium it reflects the form of RockGrowth, as shown incidentally by the original from 1958, when the Expo was held here.

Commenting on this, Levy says that it was a pure happy accident which he noticed during the preparations for the exhibition. To him the statue embodies “expansion without limitation” and symbolises “evolution, growth, joy and energy”. The visitor will feel all this strongly in front of it. This is surely proof that contemporary art can have a positive effect!

Arik Levy as a magnet at the Design Miami Basel and in the gallery praguekabinet

The works by this exceptional artist of Israeli origin are charged with unusual energy. Apart from sculpture, he devotes his time to a variety of art forms and expressions as well as graphic design, inviting one to go on a journey around the world. It is best to follow in the footsteps of Arik Levy in Brussels, from there head for his home-town Paris and via Basle, where you can see his objects at the famous trade fair Design Miami (from 17 to 22 June), continue to the artist’s frequently visited and favourite destination, Prague, where he is represented by praguekabinet, which recently opened a grand gallery a few steps from the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. In addition to Rocks you will discover there other enticing works by Levy, for example SolidLiquid from Czech silver-plated hand-blown glass set in oak plinths.

These sculptures exist not only in a purely silver version, but also in several beautiful coloured shades, feeling thanks to their organic, effectively “crumpled” shapes as if they were freshly blown, as if they solidified just when you look at them and feel like touching them. Levy thus paid homage to glass and the fascinating craft of glass-making. Apart from these sculptures and much more from Arik Levy’s portfolio you can buy at praguekabinet another glass jewel, his iconic candleholder-cum-vase Mistic from the Turkish designers Gaia & Gino, or commission the artist to make a custom statue for your interior or exterior and put yourself on the map of this major artist’s unique projects, which is being constantly enriched with new destinations.

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