STEPANOVA - RED 12.10.-12.11.2016

The first solo exhibition of Dita Štěpánová in Prague after her return from abroad presents this talented conceptual artist in the intimate space of the praguekabinet gallery. 

In her pictures that were acknowledged by Louise Bourgeois as being first-rate, Dita Štěpánová chiefly explores the classic themes of the still life and the landscape, in which she follows in the tradition of the Pompeii murals, the Italian renaissance or the Baroque still life, refreshing this traditional historic concept with the essence of the present and enriching it with a story reflecting the atmosphere of this age. The praguekabinet exhibition comprises several works from the project The Infinite Bear Cub, an interpretation of the upcoming uniformity associated with the cult of feminine beauty and its illusive perfection supported by the world of the media.

A typical element in her paintings is a combination of red and black colour, evoking unification of two base natural instincts of life and death, darkness and light. Through her paintings Dita Štěpánová conveys to us a silent message inspiring us not to be gripped in our lives by irrational fears and prejudices and to follow our dreams.

“The RED exhibition will present my latest paintings on the themes of the still life and the landscape in the contemporary context where I follow in the tradition of the classic theme with elements of the modern era. To me, red is a typical accent of the brushwork.”