Eva Sakuma - Closeness of the distant 15.5. - 20.6. 2018

Eva Sakuma Closeness of the distant

Paintings by Eva Sakuma marry discerning painting renditions of remote landscapes with a strong spiritual experience of the inner dimension of the perception of reality. Seemingly unrelated junctions of lights and shadows share the space of a single canvas, coexisting in it, and unaware they are part of one another.

Eva Sakuma explores the possibilities of painting by deconstructing space and placing inside it common objects which make an unearthly impression in feeble light. Tree branches, forgotten secluded spots intended for a moment of reverence, ancient furniture or banner screens create intentionally an atmosphere of old times, nostalgia for the past and the mystery of what will follow.

The landscape motif does not appear in the works by Eva Sakuma repeatedly but rather systematically. Continuation with this motif has led her to Japanese ink drawing which lends the picture a dynamic foundation which the painter then covers with a layer of acrylic colours so that the work acquires a peaceful if not meditative character. The fragility of her paintings is highlighted by a monochromatic and at the same time very rich colour scheme with subtle transitions rich in tones.

The painter reveals the true nature of an image in a specific visual language, starting from the need to express what is indescribable in words. It is not possible and necessary to simply decipher her works as the message would lose its meaning. We pass in her pictures her self-discovery in an existing landscape, with which we harmonise in a certain life energy common to all of us regardless of the concreteness of a given place and time. Sensual and spiritual forms are thrown here silently to endless space in which not only the viewer is set free, as well as its creator, and the entire works thus acquire an intensive imagination and authenticity. Beauty is no limitation here but rather infinity. Each individual place profiles itself in respect of its neighbourhood by achieving its possibilities and at the same time, by being an interface through which naturalness communicates with its surroundings. By doing this it lets shapes take place and their transformations in the field of relations between the solid and the variable. One of the boundaries between birth and death is pure presence which is simultaneously an opportunity for a relationship with a whole.

Graphic art in the interpretation of Eva Sakuma all but becomes music in which works turn into silent instruments communicating with their soft breath the purest nature, our heart of hearts.

Ela Vostatková (Exhibition Curator)

instalation: Sem Tam Team s.r.o.

photographer: Martin Kincl

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