Arik Levy - Intuitive Reaction 14.5.-15.7.2015

The first solo exhibition of Arik Levy in Prague presents this multitalented artist as an original creator. In the gallery praguekabinet, which represents the Paris-based artist, Levy will unveil an impressive landscape of sculptural objects. Strolling among them, the spectator is confronted with balance and instability which they set in motion and between which there is a miniscule very sensitive boundary. This effect is helped by contrasts between matt and lustre and optical deformations. It is no accident the objects appear, although they are installed with sophistication, as if someone put them together randomly from individual parts, planted or suspended in places to the very edge. The artist thus thwarts our ceaseless desire to have everything under control. He provokes us to ask such questions as: Is harmony about balance only? Does not one need uncertainty and contrasts to achieve it? What does your intuition tell you?

At the exhibition pride of place is enjoyed by Levy’s famous Rocks, in a charming series in smaller dimensions entitled MicroRockFormation. While some are in stainless steel and bronze, other are made from wood. They are accompanied by mural artefacts FacetPattern, a sort of spatial freely layered assemblages of different materials, and silver-plated objects hand blown in Bohemia, SolidLiquid and Mercury. This is a place where rounded shapes encounter sharp edges, polished, matt, and straight and sinuous surfaces. Independently and all the more intensely Levy’s works call for reflection upon art and life: nothing may be such as it appears at first sight.

A similar version of the exhibition has successfully staged in Israel and Hong Kong, and after Prague it will head to Los Angeles.