Tomas Nemec

The young artist Tomáš Němec (1986) received his diploma four years ago in Michael Rittstein’s studio. In a short time he succeeded in obtaining a leading position on the contemporary art scene in the Czech Republic and abroad, where, for example, the Thomas Fuchs Gallery in Stuttgart, Germany, has hosted two solo exhibitions of his work. In his figurative painting he practices classic genres, such as portrait, still life and landscape painting. His pictures move on a pleasantly tantalising and finely balanced boundary between realistic and liberated gestural style, with a romantic tinge and dynamically played statics of a scene. They can convey the impression of real scenes and sceneries and, at the same time, they seem to surge directly from the artist’s heart of hearts. Even paintings that may appear enchanting at first sight carry within themselves disquiet in the form of resolute brushstrokes, down to the last detail.