Nika Zupanc

Slovenian Nika Zupanc, a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, holds an important position on the European designer scene thanks to her distinctive style combining a sense of luxury, tender poetics, humour and distinct aesthetics of form. She describes it as ‘intuitive, eclectic and intimate.’.

In 2015 she was declared Woman of the Year by the Slovenian edition of Elle magazine. She designed a remarkable collection for the brand Sé London, which praguekabinet has included in its offer. She references in it with simplified symbolism the Olympics atmosphere and the elegance of the Golden Age of Hollywood. What seems at first sight impossible to combine she has succeeding in combining with brilliancy to produce a unique still life which you can create with a mirror, a dressing table, a sofa, a table lamp, and side tables. The nobility of art deco breathes on you from its elegant curves and subtle colours. The collection won Editors Award in the category Best Furniture at International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.