Milan Pekar

Milan Pekař (1980) ranks among the most distinguished creators of contemporary Czech ceramics and porcelain. He compelled critical attention for the first time with his degree work at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, where he graduated in 2006 and where he has worked since 2011 as assistant to Maxim Velčovský in the studio of ceramics and porcelain. Last year, at the exhibition Designblok in Prague, he surprised with a magnificent series of Crystalline Vases, which was an ingenious follow-up to the ancient technology of glazing, and for which he reached the final of this year’s prestigious awards Czech Grand Design in the category Designer of the Year. In surface glazing of vases of intentionally simple shapes he lets them crystallise during the cooling process, using different quantities of different chemical elements and compounds, to produce enchanting decorative patterns. Their resulting appearance can only be influenced by him to a certain degree. A certain moment of adventure and surprise is very attractive to the artist. Each vase is naturally an original. Their success is borne out by the fact that you find them today in the offer of London’s Mint Gallery and the Paris-based Gallery S. Bensimon, and interest in them has turned many an owner into a collector.

Praguekabinet is therefore happy to be able to present to you a unique collection of new vases created exclusively by Milan Pekař for our gallery, which you will not find elsewhere. Their distinctiveness is highlighted by the use of silver, making them look both impressive and delicate.